Realtime Online Violin Lesson- Any Level, Any Age



This is a real-time online lesson.



This is a Real time online violin lesson. From basic to advanced, I conduct online and offline lesson.Depending on the physical distance from the students, lectures are conducted online and offline, or both are conducted in parallel, and video lectures are added as needed.So basically lessons are possible wherever you are in the world.


Use google meet, Zoom, facetime or skype for your convenience. In addition, various technologies for distance education are used depending on the needs.

👨‍🏫About Teacher

As of 2019, I am active enough to play the violin more than 500 times a year in front of the public, and have released 17 albums to that date.

📓Teaching Method

This violin lesson is based on the teaching method of violin by world-class masters. Such as
Yehudi Menuhin,Itzhak Perlman, etc.
The basic schedule of violin lesson is based on the order of the Violin Method Shinozaki.
Together, Please look at the Violin Basic Lesson Section as an orientation purpose.
You will also watch the Violin Method Suzuki and You will practice selected songs from Suzuki method.
In particular, since I do not take any dogma-like approach to bowing and posture,
Students should study to find the posture that is most comfortable for their body type.
Students of an advanced level can play with musics of their choice and also use method like Dounis Collection or the Eugène Ysaÿe Scale Practice.Most of all, I want you love music and
I want you to have an experience that elevates your life through music.
So, I would like to focus on finding experiences that make music a joy and healing to you through activities such as Duo with me.

📚Course Language

English, Korean

💳Appointment & Payment

After first Payment($80 USD), we will schedule the lesson through the email you paid for. The lesson fee is $80 per lesson,
After one-time payment, payment will be made automatically by credit card for each additional lesson.


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